The Chatter

A Phoenix from the Ashes

I’ve always looked at life like a series of connected lives, all different yet related, like the chapters of a book. If you think back upon your own journey, no doubt you’ve found yourself in completely different worlds. Perhaps you were in a different marriage, lived in a different state, had different friends and an entirely different career. One decade you were the child, in another you were the parent. Perhaps its one of the best aspects of life, to experience such a diversity of situations. Even better, is the ability to completely change your life at anytime you want.

Today is the last day of another year. It’s also the last day of this version of me. This will be the most significant New Years Eve of my life.

Over a year ago I began making changes to my life. Some of them not very visible, yet some the very reason I’m alive to write this. In short, it’s about truly shedding bad habits, adopting good ones, and acquiring a laser focus on the direction of the next part of my journey. Everything is changing. Physical, psychological, financial, career, relationships….everything.

Often I’ve found myself frozen with indecision, trapped in a moment in life with the inability to choose the best path forward, for fear of being wrong. I have clarity now, knowing exactly what I need to do.

Have you ever opened up all the windows on a cool day, and let a burst of fresh air flow through your house? An insignificant act with significant impact. That’s where I am right now, with fresh air flowing into my life.

Happy New Year. May 2024 bring you the changes you need too.

“I knew the moment had arrived, for killing the past and coming back to life.” ~ Pink Floyd