Hegemonian Book Cover

An epic sword and sorcery fantasy from the author of The 8th Day. A savage but noble warrior, a weapon of the gods, and amazing adventures in an ancient world filled with monsters and minotaurs, witches and sorcerers, and tyrannical kings. From the author; “I grew up, and still am, a huge Robert E Howard fan. Being able to publish my own Sword and Sorcery tale and carry on that tradition, is something I am extremely proud of, and this is my tribute to him. With great respect, I hope I did the genre justice.” 

“HEGEMONIAN harkens back to the golden days of epic pulp fiction, the era that spawned what today we call “sword and sorcery” fantasy. Clearly, author Tom Reinhart has based his own epic hero, Lucan, upon Robert Howard’s Conan the Cimmerian, and like Conan Lucan is a northern barbarian who leaves his savage homeland in search of adventure. Though Reinhart’s inspirations are obvious, he manages to make Lucan a distinct character with his own personality, and if HEGEMONIAN is in some ways a Howard pastiche, it is far superior to most of its cousins in that field. To say that Reinhart’s novel is action-packed is an understatement, as he subjects Lucan to one deadly encounter after another with undead warriors, giant spiders, and wicked enchantresses. And all that’s even before he reaches the big city, with all its “civilized” politics, backstabbing intrigue, and a war in the offing! Exciting and imaginative, HEGEMONIAN is an amazing literary epic that all fans of classic sword and sorcery should read with relish. I certainly did.”