Saint Monolith

Saint Monolith Book Cover

Every few minutes people commit crimes against each other, because society has evolved, but humans have not. Police officers take an oath to protect and to serve, but the laws they uphold bind their own hands. Justice is blind, so evil perseveres.

Mason Stone is a decorated war hero and a respected SWAT commander. He is also a dark and violent psychopathic vigilante struggling with inner demons that drive him to uphold his oath to the people no matter the cost.

Book one of Tom Reinhart’s addictive Stone series introduces us to a mesmerizing new character. A good man pushed too far by the evils of society, a good man struggling with dark ailments of the mind, a good man pushed to do bad things.

Saint Monolith is not your average vigilante story. It’s a powerful tale of a good man’s descent into darkness, his struggle to cleanse the world, and a woman’s struggle to save him from himself. It’s a thriller, a love story, and a lesson for us all about the human condition.