The 8th Day

The 8th Day Book Cover

In 2014, Tom Reinhart released an apocalyptic thriller titled “Judgment,” a story about how modern society might react if the biblical Judgment Day actually came to be. It was an exciting horror and adventure tale following a group of survivors in New York as they tried to run from the wrath of God and his angels, the Judges, descended from the heavens to pass judgment on all mankind.

Being extremely well received, Tom set out to write the sequel. As he wrote it, he realized the two stories were so deeply intertwined, so dramatically complimentary to each other, that they needed to be read together. The ending of the sequel also became the final true ending to the story, so Tom released both stories in one book.

“The 8th Day” is two books in one; a unique director’s cut version of the original Judgment, and the new exciting sequel that gives a whole new set of characters in the perfect location of sin city, Las Vegas, and brings the entire amazing saga to it’s ultimate and breathtaking conclusion. “A powerful unflinching thriller that gives you a ringside seat to the end of the world.”

“An amazing take on the Judgment Day concept, turned into a modern thriller and horror story. I couldn’t put it down.”

The people prayed, and God listened.
The people prayed, and God answered.
It wasn’t the answer they were hoping for.

Roses were red,
Violets were blue,
But the Messiah came,
Now they’re all the same hue.
Blackened with ash,
Covered with dust,
The price of our sins,
Greed. gluttony, and lust.